What is Amigurumi? The unique art of knitting and crocheting from Japan

As a lover of handmade items, you must have heard of Amigurumi. But this art is still quite unfamiliar to many people, and for handmade lovers, the concept of Amigurumi can be easily misunderstood. And GauHandmade will be the place for you to accurately define Amigurumi art.

Amigurumi a word that you certainly know the origin of this word is the land of cherry blossoms. Amigurumi is an extremely famous Japanese art of crocheting. Amigurumi products are stuffed animals that are often used to make meaningful and cute gifts, and that is also the reason why people learn about Amigurumi more.

Amigurumi art requires a lot of meticulousness, carefulness, and must have a combination of creativity and imagination of children. A lot of elements are required of a person who makes Amigurumi stuffed animals extremely delicate, beautiful, and lovely.

Although, originating from Japan, Amigurumi’s cuteness, meticulousness and uniqueness have created a fever around the world. The art of Amigurumi is increasingly popular, and shows no signs of slowing down.

What is handmade Amigurumi used for?

As little stuffed bears created by crocheting yarn, Amigurumi products are created to decorate, create a super unique accent.

You can decorate Amigurumi on your workspace

Use as a hanger

The most common application in Amigurumi is to make hangers. You can use it to make key chains, phone hangers, backpack hangers as you like. The lovely stuffed animals are both a decoration and a unique highlight for your keychain, phone, backpack, etc.

Note to make hangers remember to make more hanging ropes on the top of the head and make the size small

Not only that, the hooks created from the art of knitting are also super unique decorations. Amigurumi crochets by hand and is based on the creativity and skillful hands of each person, so each created product seems to be unique.

Use to decorate the table

With larger crochet stuffed animals, you can use them to decorate is extremely unique. The desk, the living room, the window frame are places where you can use the knitted knitted teddy bears to decorate.

The colorful and cute Amigurumi stuffed bears also make you feel happier when you see them.

Making children’s toys

Children especially love stuffed animals and Amigurumi will certainly be a companion for them. The knitted teddy bears will be soft, lovely, eye-catching colors and especially small enough for children to play with.

Using Amigurumi bears as toys for babies, there should be stricter requirements on models. At the same time, product quality also requires higher requirements to ensure the safety of the baby.

Gift Amigurumi stuffed animal

Using Amigurumi handmade stuffed bears as gifts is extremely meaningful. The products are created entirely by hand, requiring a lot of effort, carefulness and meticulousness, so the recipient must be a particularly important person.

In addition, when used as a gift, the recipient of Amigurumi also helps the recipient feel truly appreciated. Therefore, this gift also has a connection value, increasing the affection between the giver and the receiver.

The outstanding advantages of the bear Amigurumi

The pinnacle of creativity

Creating an Amigurumi teddy bear, it requires a lot of creativity, shaping and the ability to coordinate eye colors. A person who can pursue this subject will certainly develop a lot of creativity.

Beautiful, lovely shape

Products created from Amigurumi art require meticulousness, and the imagination of children. Because of this, most of the product designs look very pretty and lovely. And that is also the reason why the product is mainly used to make decorations.

Unique handmade art

Using the art of knitting or crocheting, Amigurumi art is extremely unique and has become a worldwide craze. Not only can it attract young people, but middle-aged people also love this craft.

Since 2006, Amigurumi craft art has been among the popular items on Etsy, which is one of the popular online craft marketplaces. Here, Amigurumi products are sold at very high prices.

Cheap ingredients easy to find

As a handmade product, the main material to create Amigurumi bears is wool. An ingredient that is extremely easy to find and extremely cheap. But the Amigurumi bear product is very HOT because of its extremely high aesthetics and if you crochet it yourself, it is extremely meaningful.

How to Make an Amigurumi Bear

Creating a real Amigurumi bear is not easy, it is a process that requires meticulousness and patience. That’s why Amigurumi is called an art, and becoming an artist takes a lot of practice.

Prepare the model

The first thing in creating an Amigurumi bear is the model. An Amigurumi bear is created from thousands of crochet stitches, and when you first start with this art, you will not be able to determine how many stitches to create the desired shape. And these models will be templates for you to create shapes easily through crochet stitches.

A typical model for beginners in this art will fully describe what you need to do. The model will show the full number of crochet stitches, the type of crochet you need to make in each round.

The model is also extremely diverse from basic to advanced so you can practice from easy to difficult. Advanced patterns require more complex knitting techniques.

You can download this model at both free and paid websites. Templates from basic to advanced are spoiled for you to choose.

Prepare materials to make Amigurumi

Once the model has been determined, it is necessary to select the necessary materials to create Amigurumi products. Materials required include:


There are many types of yarn you can choose from to crochet Amigurumi. However, you should choose the types according to the creator’s suggestion to get the most satisfactory product.

When choosing wool, no matter what type of wool, you should pay attention to the thickness and fineness of the wool yarn. If there are no hints in the model, you can choose cotton and wool yarns of medium thickness.

Hook Needle:

This is an indispensable tool in the art of crocheting in general and Amigurumi in particular. The size of crochet needles used in Amigurumi is usually between 2mm – 5mm, and you must choose the right type for the size of the wool you use.

Stuffing cotton:

Knit the crochet to create the shape, but to bring the Amigurumi to life you need to stuff them. There are many cotton materials to stuff Amigurumi, but Polyester is the most popular.

This material can be easily found at stores selling handmade accessories or handicrafts.

Crochet and wool are two indispensable items to make Amigurumi

Wool sewing needles:

With the art of Amigurumi, you have to crochet each part separately, then reassemble them with a woolen needle. You just need an old embroidery needle with a round needle tip and you can use it to assemble the parts to create a complete Amigurumi bear.

Crochet stitches used in Amigurumi

The art of Amigurumi has a wide variety of crochet stitches, each suitable for a particular pattern. The more advanced the patterns, the more complex the crochet stitches become:

  • Magic ring: This is considered the basic crochet stitch and is used by almost any crochet bear. Magic ring is a small circle, the stitches are hooked together.
  • Single Crochet / X Stitch (Sc or Single Crochet): This is the most used crochet stitch.
  • Increase/V stitch (Inc or Single Crochet Increase). You will have to crochet 2 single stitches on the same leg of the previous loop, which will increase the total stitches of the current loop compared to the previous loop.
  • Reduced Stitch / Stitch A (Dec): With this stitch, you will hook 2 stitches into 1 stitch. Thus, this type of crochet will reduce the total stitches of the current loop compared to the previous loop. You should also use the invisibility reduction nose to make the bear more beautiful.
  • Slip stitch (ss or slip stitch): Usually a slip stitch is used to finish crocheting a certain part of the bear.

Amigurumi, the art of knitting and crocheting stuffed animals with wool, is very attractive to everyone. Both unique and beautiful, it can be used as a decoration, and can be used as an extremely meaningful gift. Amigurumi is a unique craft that everyone would love to have. If crocheting is too difficult for you, but still want to own unique products like this, then GauHandmade.com is the place to make owning Amigurumi bears extremely easy. Beautiful little bears, carefully crocheted and beautiful from every angle, will be a very special decoration and gift.

Please contact GauHandmade.com immediately to own meaningful handmade Amigurumi models.


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