Beautiful knitted teddy bears, handmade knitted bears as gifts at GauHandmade

Are you looking for a knitted teddy bear?

Teddy bears have long been a distraction in every child’s childhood. The moments of play, mischief or every sleep, the baby always keeps the teddy bear with him. Having a baby teddy bear doesn’t seem to be afraid of boredom even when mom is not at home. Choosing a safe and suitable teddy bear for the child’s personality is always a top priority for parents.

Understanding this, GauHandmade created hundreds of different knitted teddy bears. Each GauHandmade product has a lifetime warranty, quality commitment according to EN71 certification from Europe. Products are designed with sophistication and aesthetics in every design line through the hands of enthusiastic skilled craftsmen. GauHandmade with Mom & Baby look at the cutest knitted teddy bears today!

Every parent always wants the best for their children. Babies can not only eat well, dress well, but also play with quality toys. Buying a knitted teddy bear for a child as a birthday gift, the reward for excellent academic performance is a great choice. Come to GauHandmade, parents are free to choose “genuine” knitted teddy bears inside and outside for children.

Contact Info:

  • Address: 96 Ham Nghi, NTL, Ha Noi, Vietnam
  • Specializing in the production of handmade teddy bears
  • Each GauHandmade knitted teddy bear is designed based on a child’s personality
    100% premium wool yarn imported from abroad includes 5 main types: cotton wool yarn, Polyester yarn, acrylic yarn, organic cotton yarn, fleece yarn
  • Eye-catching design, cute, close
  • Baby GauHandmade  knitted teddy bear will not only have more friends to play with, but will also be protected by a “guardian god” for children’s sleep.
  • Lifetime warranty

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